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Before you do life-threatening surgery or any toxic procedures, Please allow me to show you how your body is designed to heal itself!

with Dr. Sara Siso!
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Dr. Sara Siso PhD

Holistic Health Practitioner &
Master Raw Vegan Chef

Journey to Health

I have started my journey of a holistic approach to medicine in 1997 after I was diagnosed with cancer. I have learned very fast that detox and proper nutrition is the key to reversing diseases. After all, you are what you eat, food does matter. It's a choice - you don't have to be sick.

  • Toxemia Is The Universal Basic Cause of All Diseases

  • Remove the cause and there are no symptoms to treat

  • No Plan of Care That Ignores Cause, Can Ever Be Successful


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"Dr. Sara Siso is an amazing coach!
And her knowledge is unsurpassable.
She taught me how to detox my body in the most effective natural way. She also taught me the importance of food combining and how to eat healthy on the go, which is very important for me because I am always on the go with a busy schedule. Thank you, Dr. Sara, for making a huge impact on my life."

-With love and gratitude
Elle Macpherson


Reverse Dis-ease Naturally

Empower yourself to heal!

Diet, Nutrition & Fasting

Proper diet and nutrition are fundamental to your health.  

Research has found that diet can play an important role in reversing diseases. This includes both prevention as well as treatment. Your body has the power to heal itself given proper nutrition.


Fasting is a tradition that stretches back across human history. Research has indicated that fasting results in a number of health benefits.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Decreasing blood glucose

  • Reducing inflammation

  • Regenerating the immune system

  • Increased cellular repair

  • reversing diseases


There is so much contradictory mis-information online regarding diet, cancer or any diseases. Many people are confused about what kind of diet is actually best for them.

Attempting to do a detox on your own is hard. Detoxing with Dr. Sara guiding you leads to success. Let Dr. Sara encourage you to complete the protocol in order to help you heal, restore, and prevent major health conditions, so you can achieve your health goals. 


Let Dr. Sara encourage you to complete the protocol in order to help you heal, restore, and prevent major health conditions.


My Program

My structured program treats the whole person to improve their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. In-depth health and wellness components will help you create lasting changes that fit your lifestyle. Through virtual one-on-one educational consultations, you’ll learn to regain control over your health and well being.


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